Veiled Realms

Veiled Realms

The screams of the damned echo in the distance. In the bed made of bones and human leather, the Devil stretches, working out the kinks in their back. As they take a deep breath, the misery of Hell continues to nourish them. Leisurely rising from the bed, they decide on an alias for the day.

Ruha or Lucifer seem like good options. I guess we’ll decide based on what we want to wear today.’

Walking to the closet, they take in their options. Suits, dresses, cloaks, t-shirts, jeans. If it was designed to be worn, it was in their closet. The idea of soft leather appealed as well as being unrestricted from pants.

Ruha it is.’

A burgundy leather crop top paired with a black tulle long maxi flour length high-waisted a-line skirt was chosen. After getting dressed for the day, Ruha checked themselves in the mirror. Their appearance alerts to match their designation. As Ruha, they have long flowing black hair and deep-set red eyes. Midnight black wings would flicker in and out of existence with no discernable pattern.

Once their appearance was given the mental stamp of approval, they flash to their office. The big boss has to stay innovative in coercing souls to damnation. Humanity is already prone to temptation, but that’s not enough. It’s better to have guarantees versus just a possibility. When the odds aren’t set as a guarantee, that means there’s a chance to lose, and Ruha hates losing.

Reviewing the proposals for means of temptation takes Ruha’s entire day. In between the reviews, underlings roam in and out to drop off more proposals, reports of temptation performance, and reports of new residence of hell. Occasionally a report on a residence gaining more authority will appear, but that rarely happens these last few millennia. Likely from most residence lacking the resources needed to topple the well-established residents who have been here for more than five millennia.

After the reports and proposals for the day that must be reviewed, Ruha will choose a random location via a dart to teleport to. Once there, they’ll survey the area as well as its residents to determine if there’s anyone worthwhile for them to put forth the effort of having a big boss such as them tempting them to damn their soul. Usually there isn’t, and today was another such day where no one worth extra attention was located.

Ruha took off one of their gloves and then waved their hand before returning home. The morality of the area was set to drop and overall environmental conditions would deteriorate allowing for more diseases to develop. A perfect way to end the day.