Whispers Beyond the Door

Whispers Beyond the Door

Splat! Red hits the wall. It’s dark and wet, but we know what it is when the light of the moon shines directly on it. Crash! Something broke and we fall down the stairs. What awaits us is gruesome.

It seemed as though we were just staying at a nice house. It was clean, well furnished, and the outside was so delightful. We got food and then retired for the evening. It’s what came after, that was unexpected and truly horrifying.

In the middle of the night, we heard the floor creaking, so we went to investigate. We will never know if that was the right decision.

As we descended the stairs, we saw it. The source of the noise. It was a disfigured humanoid creature. Flesh hangs from its body as black feathers come from its back. It had razor sharp claws that gleamed like metal. Its face was the most peculiar feature. At first glance it would be assumed that it was faceless, but this is not the case. When gazed upon this horrendous beast, it had a man in its hands. Its face split in two and the inside consisted of several rows of jagged teeth and a tongue that appeared to have been a creature of its own. With the image firmly in place, we screamed, gaining its attention and now we must run for our lives. We didn’t expect there to be more of them.

Drip! Drip! Splash!

It’s coming to get us.

It knows where we hide.

There’s no escape.

We’re going to die.

It’s right behind us.






Blood hits the wall.