Episode 13 – On the Road

Episode 13 – On the Road

Rania looks over at the group. Today, they will push further toward Lena’s settlement.

Rania leads the way. Cael follows closely, his eyes scanning their surroundings. Mireya, with the kitten nestled in her arms, stays close to Rania, while Ethan and his group form a protective rear guard.

Ethan approaches Rania, his expression thoughtful. “We’re making good time,” he says, his voice low.

Rania nods, her gaze distant. “We need to keep moving. The road ahead is still dangerous.”

As they resume their journey, the landscape changes again. They find themselves on a desolate highway, the remnants of civilization scattered around them. Abandoned vehicles line the road, their once-shiny surfaces now rusted and overgrown with weeds. Upon seeing it, one is reminded of the grim world that once existed.

The group navigates the highway cautiously, weaving between the vehicles and keeping a wary eye out for any signs of danger. The occasional growl or shuffle from a zombie in the distance keeps them on high alert.

Mireya walks beside Rania, her small hand gripping the back of Rania’s shirt.

As the sun sets, they approach the outskirts of Lena’s settlement. The sight of the well-defended enclave is a welcome change. The group’s pace quickens, their exhaustion momentarily forgotten.

Lena’s guards greet them at the gates, their expressions welcoming. Rania steps forward. “As you likely noticed, we have more survivors with us.”

The guards nod and open the gates, allowing them to enter. The settlement is bustling with activity, a stark contrast to the desolation outside.

Lena approaches, her sharp eyes taking in the new arrivals. “Welcome,” she says, her voice warm. “I’m glad to see you made it back, and with more survivors.”

Rania nods. “We’ve brought a few supplies as well.”

Lena smiles, her features softening. “We’ll get you settled and find a place for each of you.”

The group disperses, each member finding their place in the settlement. Rania, Cael, and Mireya are given a small, but comfortable space to rest before they go back out into the world again.

One afternoon, as they work in the settlement’s garden, Mireya approaches Rania, her eyes wide with excitement. “Look what I found,” she says, holding out a small, delicate flower.

Rania takes the flower, her heart swelling with pride. “It’s beautiful, Mireya. Just like you.”

The kitten, ever curious, sniffs at the flower, its tiny nose twitching. Mireya giggles, her laughter a bright sound in the otherwise quiet garden.

Cael joins them, his hands dirty from tending to the plants. “We’re making progress,” he says, his voice filled with satisfaction.

Rania nods, her gaze sweeping over the garden. “We are. We’ve come a long way.”

That evening, the settlement gathers for a communal meal. The air is filled with the scent of cooking food and the sound of laughter. It’s a moment of normalcy, a brief respite from the harsh realities of their world.

As the night wears on, Rania sits with Cael and Mireya, the kitten curled up in Mireya’s lap. The firelight casts warm shadows on their faces, creating a comforting presence in the dark.

Cael sits quietly beside Rania, his eyes reflecting the flickering flames. “It’s quiet tonight.”

Rania smiles gently, watching Mireya snuggle closer to her. “It’s a rare moment of calm.”

Mireya yawns, her eyelids drooping. “I’m sleepy,” she murmurs, nestling into Rania’s side.

Rania wraps an arm around her, her heart swelling with affection. “Get some rest, sweetheart.”

As Mireya drifts off to sleep, Rania glances at Cael. They share a quiet moment of understanding, appreciating the rare peace they have found together.

Rania leans back, the warmth of the fire soothing her. Despite everything, they have found moments of joy and connection. Together, they will continue forward, one step at a time.

The next morning, Rania, Cael, and Mireya prepares to move out again. They move in a tight formation, their senses on high alert.

As they navigate the dense underbrush, they come across an abandoned cabin. The structure is old and weathered, but it offers potential shelter. Rania gestures for them to approach cautiously.

They explore the cabin, finding it empty but intact. A potential shelter amid the wilderness. They gather supplies, their movements efficient.

Mireya finds a small stash of preserved food, her eyes lighting up with excitement. “Look, Rania! More food!”

Rania smiles, her heart swelling. “Good job, Mireya. Every bit helps.”

The kitten, ever curious, sniffs at the cans, its tiny nose twitching. Mireya giggles, a bright sound in the otherwise quiet cabin.

Cael joins them, his hands full of supplies. “We’ve got enough to last a few days. We can stay here for the night before we move on.”

Rania nods, her gaze sweeping over the cabin. “Agreed. We can enjoy solid walls for the night and then keep heading back towards where the other settlement was noted to be.”

As night falls, Rania sits by the fire, the kitten curled up in her lap. The flames dance in the darkness, a comforting presence in the night.

Cael walks over to Rania, his footsteps quiet on the cabin floor. The firelight casts shadows across his face. “Mind if I join you?” he asks softly, his voice barely above a whisper.

Rania nods, making room for him. “Not at all,” she replies, glancing at him.

They sit in companionable silence; the firelight casting warm shadows on their faces. The road ahead is bound to be difficult, but they have each other. Together, they will overcome anything ahead.

At first light, they clean up the cabin and continue on their trek, leading toward Marcus’ settlement.

As they navigate the dense forest, they come across a wild garden; the plants thriving in the wilderness. Mireya’s eyes light up with excitement as she spots the edible plants.


Rania smiles. “Excellent. We can add it to the supplies.”

The group works together to gather the plants, their movements well coordinated. The fresh supplies are a welcome addition.

As they continue their journey, the landscape changes again. They find themselves back on the desolate highway.