Episode 14 – Mireya’s World

Episode 14 – Mireya’s World

The group navigates the highway cautiously, abandoned vehicles casting long shadows. The eerie silence is occasionally broken by the rustle of leaves or distant bird calls.

Mireya stays close to Rania. The kitten nestled securely in her arms. Cael keeps a vigilant watch, his eyes scanning their surroundings.

Hours pass without incident, and they safely reach the edge of the dense forest that marks the end of the highway. Rania halts the group, taking a moment to assess their position.

“Mireya, do you see anything?” she asks, her voice low and steady.

Mireya steps forward, her eyes bright with curiosity. “I think there’s something this way,” she says, pointing towards a thick cluster of trees.

Rania nods, trusting Mireya’s instincts. They follow the child, her tiny figure leading them into the forest. The air changes as they move deeper, becoming cooler and filled with the scent of pine and earth.

After a brief trek, they reach a hidden spring, its crystal-clear waters shimmering under the dappled sunlight. Mireya turns to Rania and Cael, her face glowing with excitement.

“The forest sounds so alive here. It’s as if it’s speaking to me.”

Rania watches Mireya with a soft smile. “This will be a good place to rest for a while.”

They set up a temporary camp near the spring, the gentle sound of flowing water providing a soothing backdrop. Mireya moves confidently through the underbrush, pointing out edible plants and herbs.

“This one helps with cuts,” she says, holding up a small leaf. “And this one can be used for tea.”

Cael crouches beside her, examining the plants with a keen interest. “You’ve got a real talent, Mireya.”

As they gather supplies, a gentle rustle in the undergrowth catches their attention. A deer steps into the clearing, its eyes watching them with curiosity. Mireya gasps softly, her hand reaching out instinctively.

“Don’t be afraid,” she whispers, slowly approaching the deer. The animal remains still, its calm demeanor mirroring Mireya’s own.

Rania and Cael watch in silence as Mireya reaches the deer, her hand gently touching its soft fur. The kitten, perched on Mireya’s shoulder, watches with equal curiosity.

“It’s incredible how she interacts with nature,” Cael murmurs.

Rania nods. “She has a gift.”

The deer eventually steps back, disappearing into the forest as quietly as it came. Mireya returns to the group, her face radiant with joy.

“Did you see that?” she asks, her excitement contagious.

Rania smiles, wrapping an arm around her. “I did. You were amazing.”

As the day transitions into night, the group settles down by the spring, gathering around a small fire. The soothing crackle of the flames signals the time for rest and preparing for future days of survival.