Episode 13 – On the Road

Rania and her group set off toward Lena’s settlement, moving cautiously through a desolate highway littered with abandoned vehicles. As they navigate the eerie silence, Mireya stays close to Rania with the kitten in her arms. They finally reach Lena’s settlement, greeted by welcoming guards and Lena herself. The new survivors are integrated into the community, bringing a sense of camaraderie and safety. As they settle in, they gather edible plants from a wild garden and spend an evening by the fire, sharing a rare moment of peace. The next morning, they prepare to continue their journey toward Marcus’s settlement.


Episode 12 – Hidden Danger

Rania, Cael, Mireya, and the kitten, along with their new allies, cautiously navigate the dense forest. As they move, the group's heightened senses detect distant growls. Zombies suddenly attack, forcing the group into a defensive formation. Rania is bitten while protecting Ethan, triggering a loop that resets her back to the forest edge. Using her loop knowledge, she effectively coordinates the group's response. Together, they fend off the zombies with synchronized teamwork. After the battle, they regroup, with Rania emphasizing the importance of staying alert. The group continues, now more unified and resilient.


Episode 11 – New Faces

Rania, Cael, and Mireya, with her kitten, navigate an abandoned market cautiously. They encounter Ethan’s group, learning about a potential safe haven. After trading supplies and discussing their plans, they decide to join forces and travel to Lena's settlement. The night is spent sharing stories and keeping watch. In the morning, the groups prepare to move out together. As they journey, they bond over shared experiences, with Ethan’s group proving resourceful. Rania and Ethan discuss the potential of Marcus’s safe haven, while the combined group looks forward to finding a secure place to rebuild.


Episode 9 – Shared Burdens

https://youtu.be/W5AbnZvBGRgThe fire crackles softly, casting flickering shadows on the makeshift camp. Rania sits close to the flames, her eyes scanning the surrounding darkness. She feels the weight of the day’s…


Episode 8 – A Timely Save

Rania, Mireya, and her kitten navigate through the bustling settlement, preparing to leave for another search for survivors. Cael, standing near the gate, asks to join them, expressing a desire to make a difference. Despite initial caution, Rania agrees. As they journey through the forest, they encounter zombies. Rania and Cael fight off the horde with Mireya and her kitten safely watching from a distance. After the battle, Cael tends to Rania's minor wound. They continue their journey, aware of the dangers but united in their purpose. As night falls, they set up camp, feeling a quiet determination.


Episode 7 – First Encounter

Rania navigates the forest with Mireya and her kitten, moving cautiously towards a potential refuge in the city. They descend into a valley, alert for danger. Cael, observing them from a hidden vantage point, is intrigued. When zombies attack, Rania fights fiercely but is bitten, only to awaken unharmed, restarting the valley journey. In the city, they encounter more survivors and Cael reveals himself, offering help. Rania, Mireya, and the new group reach Lena’s settlement safely, integrating the newcomers. Rania feels a renewed determination to continue their mission of rescuing others, with Cael now part of their team.


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