Episode 5 – Decisions at Dawn

Rania and Mireya return to their sleeping quarters, finding the others they arrived with gathered. David and Sarah, the couple she saved, introduce themselves. The group discusses their future, with Alex, Maria, David, and Sarah deciding to stay in the settlement for stability. Mireya chooses to stay with Rania, who plans to continue looking for survivors. They gather supplies, share stories, and prepare to leave. At the settlement's edge, they spot the distant light again. Rania and Mireya investigate, finding a group led by Sam. Rania offers help and suggests taking them to the settlement for safety. They prepare to travel in the morning, with Rania taking the watch.


Episode 4 – A New Companion

Rania wakes at dawn and gently rouses Mireya. They leave the sleeping quarters to bond and learn survival skills at the settlement's edge. Rania shares memories of the past, and Mireya opens up about her lost family. They spot a distant light, hinting at possible civilization or danger, and decide to discuss their next steps with the others.


Episode 3 – Unlikely Savior

Rania and her group, seeking shelter from zombies, find a dilapidated barn where they meet Mireya, a young girl hiding with an injured kitten. After a tense battle, they escape and head towards a settlement, hoping for safety and respite.


Episode 2 – Hidden in the Shadows

Mireya, a brave young girl, hides in a dilapidated barn, tending to an injured kitten. The barn, once alive with the sounds of farm life, now stands silent and eerie. As she cares for the kitten, applying a makeshift splint, the faint groans of approaching zombies send chills down her spine. Mireya quickly hides the kitten and herself in secret nooks within the barn, staying silent as the undead lurk just outside. The tension is palpable as she waits for the danger to pass. As the zombies move on, Mireya finds solace in her small act of kindness, but new footsteps approaching hint at potential rescue or further peril.


Episode 1 – The World Turned Upside Down

Rania stands on the roof of a dilapidated house, surveying a desolate suburban neighborhood in a world overrun by zombies. The once lively streets are now filled with debris and decay. Rania, a resilient leader, scouts for resources and assesses zombie threats. Descending from her vantage point, she leads her small group, Alex and Maria, with caution and determination. As they search abandoned houses for supplies, a sudden zombie attack forces Rania to showcase her combat skills, saving two additional survivors. With night approaching, she decides to head towards a nearby farm, rumored to be a safe haven.


The Mercenary’s Mark: A Dance of Destiny and Duty

In a world where cybernetic and biological enhancements intertwine with human existence, Nova Frost, renowned for her exceptional skills as a protector for hire, receives an urgent contract. Her new assignment: to safeguard a high-profile client who possesses groundbreaking information capable of disrupting the power balance in the world of enhancements. Nova's mission is complicated by the involvement of Zenith Requiem, a formidable mercenary group known for succeeding in near-impossible tasks. Led by the enigmatic and strategically brilliant Praxis, the Zenith Requiem is hired to stop the client’s project at all costs. During an attempted abduction, Nova and Zenith Requiem clash, marking the beginning of a high-stakes game of wits and strategy. As Nova delves deeper into Zenith Requiem's operations, she uncovers startling parallels between her life and Praxis's. Their similar approaches and mirrored combat styles hint at a connection deeper than mere coincidence. In a pivotal encounter, Nova and Praxis come face-to-face, leading to the startling revelation that they are soulmates, their fates intertwined not just by shared marks but by a bond shaping their lives. Torn between her duty to protect her client and the gravitational pull towards Praxis, Nova grapples with conflicting emotions. Praxis, equally bound by his own professional integrity and the reputation of the Zenith Requiem faces a similar internal struggle. Their loyalties are put to the ultimate test in a climactic confrontation where both must choose between duty and the undeniable connection they share. Despite the intense battle, Nova ensures her client's safety, successfully thwarting Zenith Requiem's attempts. The encounter ends with a newfound respect between Nova and Praxis. However, neither their professional conflict nor their personal connection reaches resolution, leaving a complex relationship in limbo and the door open for future encounters. The story concludes with Nova, her reputation further solidified by her recent success, preparing for her next contract. Yet, as she moves forward, the mark on her skin serves as a constant reminder of Praxis, the soulmate who is both her equal and her adversary, in a world where actions speak in a silence louder than words.


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